Hi, I'm Melody

I'm a long-term strategic thinker and a near-term impact builder. A true generalist, I thrive when working with multi-disciplinary teams on human-centered problems. I'm particularly drawn to ways I can improve cities, social equity, and the environment.

These days, I'm leading new products at Uber. Before that, I was studying Systems Design Engineering at the University of Waterloo.


🚗Product Manager, Uber

I joined Uber as part of the Associate Product Manager program, rotating through three teams across consumer experience, marketplace, and B2B. More recently, I've been leading new zero-to-one growth bets for the company.

👫Uber Commute

2020 – present, Toronto

Leading new products to create less congested cities.

🚌Transit Agency Solutions

2019, San Francisco

Created and led new innovative ways to partner with public transit agencies.

💰Marketplace Fares

2018, San Francisco

Created new pricing levers to ensure drivers have fair and stable earnings.

⚙️Driver Preferences

2017, San Francisco

Launched experiments to give drivers more control over where and when they drive.

🛍Product Design Intern, Shopify

Summer 2016, Montreal

Redesigned Themes Store to help merchants more easily find themes.

📁Program Manager Intern, Microsoft

Fall 2015, Tokyo

Simplified upload process for document sharing site.

🎶Full Stack Developer Intern, Monstercat

Winter 2015, Vancouver

Redesigned a music streaming web app.